TUAREG MAT, 8'6" x 14'3" feet / 260 x 434 cm


"Tuareg rugs have been trending among interior designers for a while, but they haven't yet caught on as a full-blown trend. Get one ahead of everyone else—we predict they'll be huge in the next year.” — Source: My Domaine magazine

Tuareg mats are classics and never went out of style but somehow they are trending again and you will find them more and more in magazines. They are truly stunning statement pieces and will work well with Mediterranean and coastal decors.

Handmade by the nomadic Tuareg tribes of Mauritania, the Tuareg mats were favored by European tastemakers in the early years of the 20th Century - think Out of Africa. They have been hand-woven by women using thousand years old techniques and natural materials such as palm leaves and reeds. Once completing the base, the women would then decorate the mats with intricate leather strands of camel leather often adorned with powerful tribal symbols.

Type: Tuareg Mat
Country of Origin: Mauritania
Material: Reed, Camel Leather
Construction: Handmade
Age: 60-70 years old
Condition: Some wear and tear. We clean and professionally restore the mats before we send to our clients.
Shipping: Free shipping worldwide.

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