BARCELONA, Short Leather Handle, Strawberry Pink


SKU: ORK-02-5-6

The quintessential French market basket that you will see everywhere in the South of France. Use it at the grocery store or as a carry-on to the beach.

Country of Origin: Morocco
Material: Date Palm / Leather
No. 6 / L20 x H9.5 inches | L50 x H24 cm
No. 7 / L20 x H10.5 inches | L50 x H27 cm
No. 8 / L20 x H11.5 inches | L50 x H29 cm
No. 9 / L20 x H12.5 inches  | L50 x 31 cm
>No. 10 / L20 x H13.5 inches | L50 x 33 cm